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Organic Certified Ginger Beer Starter Kits

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Organic Certified Ginger Water Crystals Starter Kits


Organic Certified Jun Tea Starter Kits


Organic Certified Kombucha Starter Kits


Organic Certified Milk Kefir Starter Kits

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Organic Certified Sourdough Starter Kits


Organic Certified Water Kefir Starter Kits

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If you have more than one fermenting food culture at home, we recommend that you keep them at least 1 metre apart from each other at all times. This is to stop cross contamination of the different cultures. If you are working with dairy in particular, this is very important. Please contact us is you require further assistance with fermenting more than one culture.
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Our cultures are Organic Certified by The Organic Food Federation.

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Where stated, many of our products are vegan friendly.